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Why download tracks? Empty Why download tracks?

Post  Arc Anjil on Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:22 am

Well, first off, because there are a whole "boat load" of modder tracks out there and most of them are actually better than the Simbin RACE 07 (R07) tracks.

Take, for instance, Monza. Everyone (it seems) loves Monza. But the R07 version has that insane cutting rule on the first and second chicanes (going one inch outside the curbing results in a SAG penalty). One day, while surfing the web, I found a DL track called Brianza, which is Monza. Not only does it not have Simbin's crazy cutting rule, it's better looking, graphic-wise and it has the banked oval track!!

Ever wonder what that bridge is that you go under between the Lesmos and the Ascari chicane? It's the banked first and second turns of the Monza oval track!

Secondly, R07 is, of course, the official WTCC game, so naturally it would have the tracks of that series. Well, I'm not much of a tin-top fan (although the EVO GT Pro cars are fun), so I look for tracks that are similar to F1/Indycar road course type tracks. Now, like everyone, there are some tracks I just plain don't like and here at ACME we will not race on a track that any member vetos (and each member does have that right!). Remember, ARC is all about fun.

Ever notice how the tracks seem to be getting... sterile? Even the old, storied tracks seem to lose cachet when they get modified (for whatever reason) and the new ones, well, meh (at least most of them). Maybe they just need some epic races to give them some history. Hallowed ground, I say. Why else would F1 still race at Monaco, a track the cars outgrew many years ago?

I used to like Magny-Cours, but since I found Rouen, the old French GP from the 60's and early 70's, I like racing Rouen much more than MC. I think it's a more "raceable" track. By that, I mean it's easy to learn, easy to race, and provides more passing places than short, tight, twisty, narrow tracks. Just an example.

Another track, one I think they just plain destroyed, is Hockenheim. Now I know the changes were done for environmental reasons as the area has grown up around the old course, but, c'mon! the run out to and back in from the forest, especially before they put in the third chicane (which became the second chicane) is just plain hallowed ground! It is also a much more interesting and fun track to blast around instead of all the tight, twisty corners and curving "straight" of the new one. Just my opinion and a look into the ACME/ARC philosophy.

So you'll find us using Rouen and the old Hockenheim, from 1979, in ARC races. Check our track listing thread to see what we like to use.

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