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Post  Arc Anjil on Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:22 am

You need the GIMP DDS plugin installed. If you don't have it, you can get it here at my Mediafire page: file/jb300pcmgschnpp/GIMP%20DDS%20file%20and%20instructions.rar

It comes with instructions on how to install it.

1) Flatten your PSD file when ready to save as a DDS.

2) Save as DXT1 and checkmark the mipmaps box. Click Save.

3) to put the car in game, create a folder (name doesn't matter) under:

My Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\CustomSkins

and drop your DDS file in it. Create a text document with Wordpad (again, any name) and give it an INI extension (ex: CAR1.INI). Remember, INI, not TXT.

4) Look up your car in TEMPLATE.TXT in the CustomSkins folder. It should look similar to this: [Corvette C6R]
(single brackets). Copy and Past this into your INI file.

5) Below that, type "body=" followed by the DDS file name of your car.

6) Above the car name in single brackets, put your name in double brackets.
Decide on a sponsor or company name. Put that in triple brackets above your name.

It should look similar to this:

[Seat Cupra GT]

Save the file.

You're done!

The other items listed in TEMPLATE.TXT you should leave out until you have files for them, as they will create errors in your ERRORS.LOG file (Texture file not found in [], kind of stuff). It won't stop your car from being usable, but it will make it harder to track down and figure out real errors if you leave them in.

One exception (for some cars) is WHEELCOLOR. You don't need a DDS file for that. 1, 2, or 3 for magnesium, steel, or black for most cars. Check the template file to see if you can use WHEELCOLOR.

If you want others to see your custom skinned car in game, you will have to make your folder available to them, either via a file hosting site, or RAR it up and email it to them.

Hope that helps!


Templates can be had by clicking GAMES on the menu bar of this web site's home page and selecting the game whose templates you want and selecting DOWNLOADS (i.e. RACE 07 for RACE 07 templates, GTR EVOLUTION for EVO templates).

WinRAR or 7Zip can be used to unpack the files and can be found by Googling for them. I have a folder in My Docs called "Downloads" where I DL everything into their own separate folder. For R07 templates I use Downloads\Race 07\R07 templates. EVO templates go in Downloads\Race 07\EVO templates. Then I unpack them into My Docs\R07 Work Folder, again, into their own separate work folder.

First edit of a body.PSD file is to change the Base Color (the bottom layer) to white. I then start adding my own layers by opening up an .XCF file (usually a converted .JPG or .GIF, whatever. Just open it up in GIMP, and save it after deleting the file extension it has, and the ".". GIMP will automatically save it as an .XCF).
Most items will need the background made transparent. Click Layer (on the menu bar)>Tranparency>Color to Alpha and check to see that the background color of your picture is the one selected to go transparent. If not, click the color bar in the small window to change the color. When you have it all working right, click OK and the back ground should change to black and gray checkered squares, signifying transparency.

Copy (CTL-C) and switch to the body window. Click Layer>New Layer, give it a name, click OK and paste your image in (CTL-V). Click "M" to use your mouse, with the left button held down, to move the image around. To stretch it, select Tools>Transform Tools>Scale, and you can stretch it out or shrink it in. To flip it around click Layer>Transform and select one of the items listed. Once the layer is in position, move the mouse pointer outside the layer's boundary until an anchor appears on the poniter and click. The layer will be set.

Remember that layers can be put on top of other layers and can block the ones below if there is no transparency in them. To move layers around click and hold a layer in the Layers, Channels, Paths, etc. box on the right and drag it up or down. I usually move stickers, decals, graphics, etc, that I want to be very bright above the Shading layer. It makes them really shine through.

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