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Annual Race Series proposal Empty Annual Race Series proposal

Post  Arc Anjil on Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:28 pm

As I play RACE 07 (R07) each day, I see fewer and fewer servers with cars and/or tracks I'd like to race. I'm not a WTCC fan, but I don't begrudge anyone who is. "Each to his own" is my philosophy. I know R07 is the official WTCC game, but plenty of guys bought GTR:EVO (EVO) first, and I bought the hard copy version of R07 because it had a Formula car on the cover (along with 2 other cars to which I paid no attention).

There are so many great mods of cars and tracks out there that are, IMO, just so much better than the standard tracks that come with R07/EVO. I've been involved with a few clubs/leagues, etc., but there just wasn't enough going on there to keep my attention. Even though I don't mind them, I'm not a fan of short two-race formats, nor forced pit stops (especially in a 10 lap race! WTF???)

I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in a repeating race series on an annual basis. I call it the World Series. First up would be a 9 race series of GT Pros. After that would a 9 race series of the Simbin F1 car, the FRR. Following that would be, I hope, a 9 race series with American Le Mans Series cars, of which I have a great mod of them. After that, who knows?

Each race would be lap based and scheduled to last approximately 45 minutes. Because of the nature of GT and ALMS cars, we would need to force pitstops (the cars being designed to run for a very long time without having to pit for fuel). We would choose tracks from around the world (hence the "world" in World Series) with an eye on what tracks would work best for the particular car series we're running.

Each series would be independent of the others, meaning there would be no cumulative points; the winner of one series would not carry his points over to the next series, thus allowing people to choose what series they would attend and which ones they would sit out.

Side series' could be run, too. If we have a series race on, say, Saturday, we could run single race, pick up races on Fridays or Sundays. For example, while we're running a GT series on Saturday, Fridays, we could run a series of 8 lap races of, say, Radical SR4's at 4 or 5 tracks in rotation.

I would like to hear what others have to say.

Thank you.

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