TUTORIAL:Using GIMP to custom paint your car - part 1

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TUTORIAL:Using GIMP to custom paint your car - part 1 Empty TUTORIAL:Using GIMP to custom paint your car - part 1

Post  Arc Anjil on Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:48 pm

After you DL and install GIMP, you will need the GIMP DDS plugin available here (it comes with installation instructions).

Once you have GIMP ready to go, you will need Simbin templates available at the Simbin RaceRoom site. Click Games on the menu bar and select the game you want templates for. This will take you to the specific game site where you can click Downloads to find the templates. You will need WinRAR to unpack the files. Google "winrar" for that.


I created a Downloads folder in MyDocs that I use to store all my DL's to. I created a folder under that called RACE 07. Under RACE 07 is a folder called Tracks, wher I keep individual folders of DL'd tracks.... you get the point.

I DL'd the GTR EVO cars to MyDocs\Downloads\RACE 07\GTREVO.

Now I have a folder in MyDocs called Race07 Car Work Folders, and I unpack (WinRAR) any car file I want to work on to its own folder under Race07 CarWork Folders (EX: My Documents\RACE 07 Car Work Folders\Koenigsegg GT PRo).

Since I always have the basic Simbin template stored back in Downloads, I open As Layers... the car body PSD file and Paint the body white and delete the layers I don't want, usually the car number and stickers for them. Then I save it with a file name of "Base <car name>". PSD.

to be continued.....

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